A Guide to Birding in Georgia

Berrien County
Birding Locations

= summer
F = fall
W = winter
Sp = spring
YR = year-round

[Sept 2009] = Most recently checked by Ken Blankenship (webmaster)
= Not yet checked by Ken Blankenship

  = Location is within +/- 10 miles of the indicated interstate highway. This is especially helpful for out-of-town birders who may be passing through Georgia while travelling and would like to get out in the field.

  = Location is a "Georgia Birding Hotspot." Though this designation is subjective, it generally means that the area should be given high priority when planning a birding trip to a region. Some Hotspots offer productive birding virtually year-round (Jekyll Island, Phinizy Swamp Nature Park), while the best birding of the year may be seasonal at others (Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park).

   = Habitat and/or access at location is subject to change according to mixed land use or changes in ownership, such as cattle operations, agricultural fields, pine plantations (logging), and so on. Always adhere to good birding ethics concerning private property, and if the habitat at a location has experienced major changes or is no longer accessible, please 
email the webmaster.

SBM = Shorebird Migration; this very generally refers to mid-March thru May in spring and mid-July thru mid-October in fall. Fall is the prime shorebird season. Baird's and Buff-breasted Sandpipers likely only in fall. Peak passage of specific species is quite variable.

PM = Passerine Migration; this very generally refers to April and May in spring and August thru mid-October in fall. This includes all songbirds - wood warblers, vireos, tanagers, thrushes, flycatchers, etc. Peak passage of specific species is quite variable. Spring migration is much more concentrated and birds are often in colorful breeding plumage and singing. Fall migration is more spread out; fall wood warblers can be notoriously difficult to identify (or impossible to determine sex), with numerous juveniles which do not exhibit the same obvious field marks as adults. 

IBA = Important Bird Area; the aim of the IBA Program is to identify and conserve key breeding and feeding sites for birds. An Important Bird Area is a place that provides essential habitat for one or more species of bird, whether in breeding season, winter, or during migration. These sites are considered to be exceptionally important for bird conservation; see Georgia's IBA Webpage.

Berrien County
'width' is a duplicate attribute name. Line 1, position 37.1) Paradise Public Fishing Area       [Dec 2007]            
PM, W for waterfowl & sparrows
[DeLorme pg. 59, B-8]
There are several lakes in the area with good gravel roads weaving through mixed forest for good passerine birding as well as potential wintering waterfowl and waders. Interesting species seen on a quick stop in Dec. 2007 included lots of sparrows including Field, Song, Swamp, White-throated, Chipping, and a rare wintering Lincoln's Sparrow along with Pine Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Winter Wren, Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglet, and Spotted Sandpiper; birds seen in Aug. 2006 include Great Egret, Tricolored Heron, Snowy Egret, Northern Bobwhite, Prairie Warbler. From I-75 in Tifton, take Exit 62 and head east on US 82/GA Hwy 520 and follow signage for the PFA, located south of the highway between the towns of Brookfield and Enigma.